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Not all dogs need the same amount of exercise. A dog’s need for exercise has little to do with the dog’s physical size, and a small dog can easily require more exercise than a large dog. Dog Breed plays the largest role in how much exercise a dog needs. Working dogs such as Siberian Huskies, Border Collie, herding dogs, etc. needs a lot of exercise to stay balanced, otherwise they will get restless and frustrated, which can result in unwanted behavior.

How many times should I walk my dog?
The best form of exercise a dog can get is a very long walk around the neighborhood with its owner, all the exciting smells are a like a sensory bombardment, and the dog enjoys exploring its surroundings an satisfying its curiosity. Preferably a dog should be walked at least 2 times a day as well as other activities with the owner for about an hour a day. A dog also needs mental challenges, so toys and exercise helps a great deal towards making your dog a balanced dog. If a dogs need for exercise and stimulation isn’t met it will most likely result in unwanted behaviour towards your furniture, garden, you and your guests.

Dogs have different exercise needs also within the same breed
A dog’s personality means a lot compared to how much exercise a dog needs. Some dogs are naturally energetic and sparkling with energy all day long, while other dogs loves to lie by themselves in a warm sunbeam. Like humans dogs have different individual energy levels even within the same breed. Usually you can try to gauge a puppy’s energy level by observing it in the kennel a couple of times before you buy and ask the seller. Of course the dog’s age also plays into its exercise needs.

On a hot summer day
One must be careful with too much exercise at high temperatures, and in particular ensure that the dog is getting enough to drink. Never leave your dog in a hot car as this can be fatal.

How can I exercise my dog?
Here is a selection of activities and a commentary on how your dog might view the situation:

1. Walking with the owner (like the old days with the pack – let us catch a cat!)

2. Running with the owner (sometimes even away from the owner if I get out!)

3. A swim in a pool, lake or sea (I always swim with my head above the water surface as a Sphinx! – retrievers and other water dogs loves rumping in water)

4. Play fetch (This is great! Especially if I’m a Retriever, otherwise I may not bring back the stick!)

5. Dog training and tricks (Super duper – especially if there are treats involved, I’m much smarter than he thinks!)

6. Walk on treadmill (See mom – I’m moonwalking! Great exercise!)

7. Play with dog friends in the dog park (wow look at me chasing these other dogs – I sniff an arse here. I sniff an arse there!)

8. In the fenced in garden (My owner is lazy – this is boring. I’ll dig up the roses here – that’ll teach him!)

9. Driving in the car (This is not exercise but if I stick my nose out of the window I am bombarded with smells, it’s crazy, I think I’ll sit like this the whole trip!)

10. Bound to a tree in the garden (When I get back in I’ll eat his favourite shoe!)

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