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Appenzeller Sennenhund

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The Appenzeller Mountain dog is a medium sized dog and one of the four Sennen-dog types. It is a work dog, which is not a typical pet dog. It is best suited for a life in the country where it can run around free. Besides, it is a very barking breed, but through consequent training it is possible to wean it off.

Character and behaviour
The Appenzeller mountain dog is a friendly and charming dog, which is most comfortable when it is working. It was originally a shepherd dog thus making it very active and in need of a lot of exercise. If this breed needs to function as a family dog it is on the assumption that ii is provided with plenty of exercise and training every day.

The Appenzeller Sennenhund is good with children, but requires early socialisation. They are fast at learning new things given that they are highly intelligent dogs. However, it is important that the training is firm and consequent simultaneously with teaching the dog its position in the hierarchy. The Appenzell is also suitable for agility and other active games.

History of the breed
The Appenzeller mountain dog originates from the Appenzell Mountains in Switzerland. It was used as a shepherd and a work dog. It is the only one of the four sennen dogs which carry its tail rolled up on its back, thus indicating that a spitz dog has been crossed with appenzell mountain dog at one point. In 1898 the breed was registered as an autonomous breed.

Appenzeller mountain dog is utmost sure-footed and thus suitable for working in hilly terrain. It is the most rare of the four sennen dogs. When it is not working it will protect the property of the owner by being an excellent guard dog.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a medium sized dog and its most characteristic feature is its rolled up tail. It is a strong dog, which by no means is massive. It has a broad head with a black nose and the eyes are small and dark. The legs are straight and strong.

The Appenzeller mountain dog is 22-23 inches and weighs 49-70 pounds.

The coat has two layers and is dense and glossy. It is mostly black with rusty-red markings on legs, chest, and in the head. The coat is easy to groom merely requires brushing now and then to remove dead hair. It is a very healthy breed without any real gentic health issues. Life expectancy is 12-13 years.

What you should know about the dog:

  • Not ideally suitable for living in the city.
  • A very active breed, which requires a lot of exercise.
  • It has a tendency to bark a lot.
  • Loves to be outside and run around.

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