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Australian Terrier

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The Australian terrier is a small dog well suited for a family. It is lively and loves to be exactly where the action is. It is a curious dog and if the garden is not fenced in it will run off. The Aussie, as it is called, can live in an apartment as long as it gets daily walks. Like other terriers the Aussie needs trimming regularly.

Character and behaviour
The Australian terrier is sturdy and brave. It has a lot of energy and loves to take part in the family’s doings. It is loyal towards its owners, but need strict and consequent training otherwise it will behave as it pleases.

The Australian terrier has excellent hearing and vision, which makes it a great watchdog. They are easier to train than other terriers. It will not bite people or children, but it does bark a lot. A trait that needs to be weaned off while it is still a puppy.

History of the breed
The Australian terrier originates form Australia. English farmers developed the breed because they needed a small dog capable of chasing rats, snakes, and rabbits off their properties. It is uncertain which breeds were crossed in order to develop the Australian terrier. However, it is thought that the breed was developed by crossing many different terriers; such as Irish, cairn, Norwich, dandie dinmont, Yorkshire, and black-and-tan terrier.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Australian terrier is a small robust dog with a friendly expression. The legs are short. The ears are small, v-shaped, and erect. The eyes are dark. The tail is long and carried upright. The coat is often black with tan markings.

The Australian terrier is 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 13 pounds.

The coat is coarse and straight with a soft under coat. It requires regular brushing and trimming with a special knife. It is a very healthy breed. Life expectancy is 15 years or more.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A lively and kind dog
  • An excellent guard dog
  • Loves to spend time with the family
  • Suitable to live in an apartment if exercised sufficiently
  • Very easily trained

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