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The Bloodhound is a hound dog used for hunting big game. It is especially known for its remarkable sense of smell and is suitable for searching for missing persons. It is capable of following a trail over long distances even in hilly terrain and if the trail is 100 hours old.

The Bloodhound is a calm and friendly dog, which becomes attached to its family and is great with children.

Character and behaviour
The bloodhound is a gentle and patient dog, which will let children climb all over it. It is an independent breed so the owner needs to be patient during training sessions. It is not suitable for obedience training because it is instinct driven and will follow a trail when it pick up a scent. In addition, it is not recommendable to let the dog run free, as it will follow a trail for hundreds of miles.

The Bloodhound requires a lot of exercise and it is important that the breed is socialised as a puppy, in order to avoid becoming timid. This breed loves all people and greets both guests and intruders warmly, thus not making it the perfect guard dog.

History of the breed
The Bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds that exist. It can be traced thousands of years back. It originates from Belgium, where the nobleman Francois Hubert bred the breed, which then was called the ‘Hubertus dog’. However, the Bloodhound that we know today is actually ascribed to England. The English further developed the breed to be the extreme but desirable dog that it is.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Bloodhound is with its long hanging ears and loose skin on the head and around the neck very characteristic looking. It is massive and moves slowly, but dignified. The lips are also slightly hanging exactly like the skin surrounding the almond shaped eyes. It is a robust dog, with a short coat, which varies in colour from black to light brown. White markings may exist on the chest and paws.

The Bloodhound is 25-27 inches and weighs 41-50 kg.

The Bloodhound is prone to suffer from bloat, and it makes is desirable to feed the dog small meals 2-3 times a day instead of one big meal. Furthermore, they may be prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections and eye problems. Besides, it is recommended that they sleep in a soft bed in order to avoid callus. Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

The coat requires minimal care, but it is important to clean the ears regularly. This breed is an average shedder.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Requires a lot of exercise.
  • Should never walk off the lead since it will run off and follow a trail.
  • Suitable for living in an apartment, if exercised sufficiently.
  • Fantastic with children.
  • The Bloodhound needs the owner to set clear rules, which should be followed always.

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