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Border Terrier

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The Border terrier belongs to the terrier family. The name derives from English seeing as the dog was used for hunting foxes in the border region between England and Scotland.

Character and behaviour
A Border terrier can be stubborn, fearless, and strong-minded but at the same time it is a friendly and kind breed. It is good with children. The Border terrier may chase small animals. It is easily trained and is capable of jumping high and running fast in spite of its small size. The Border terrier is intelligent and loves physical activity.

A Border terrier can easily live with a cat as long as they have grown accustomed to each other.

History of the breed
The Border terrier derives from the border region between England and Scotland. The breed was originally bred with the purpose of foxhunt and it went into the dens in order to chase the fox out for the hunter to kill it.

The Border terrier was also used for hunt on rats and vermin. The strong-minded and fearless temper was bred into the dog in order to strengthen the dog’s courage and hunting instincts before going into the den. Most terriers share these features.

Appearance, grooming and health
A Border terrier’s most characteristic feature is its otter-like head with a broad skull, a short muzzle, strong teeth, and a scissors bite. The V-shaped ears are set on the side of the head hanging down. The coat is usually wheaten, reddish, or brownish. The tail is short and thick.

Border terrier is typically 11-16 inches tall and weighs 13-16 pounds.

The tousled coat requires trimming a couple of times a year in order to remove dead hair. Weekly brushing is also necessary.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A small but robust dog
  • Loves exercising and family activity
  • Easily trained
  • Enjoys digging holes
  • Can be stubborn and possesses the so-called terrier temper
  • Will chase other small animals

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