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Bouvier des Flandres

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Bouvier des Flandres is a herding dog, which originates from Flanders where it was used for driving cattle. Bovier des Flandres’ fine qualities and excellent sense of smell makes the dog suitable for tracking. Today, the bouvier is mainly used for agility and as s family dog.

Character and behaviour
A Bouvier des Flandres is calm and gentle making it a fine family dog. However, the bouvier is protective of its herd and thus functions well as a guard dog. The look of a bouvier discloses intelligence, energy, and boldness.

The temper is calm and marked by deliberate courage and fearlessness. A bouvier may act lazy at times but needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation in order to stay happy and well balanced.

History of the breed
Bouvier des Flandres derives from Flanders in Belgium-France. The name actually means ‘the drover from Flanders’ and presents the original function of the dog. The monks from the Ter Duinen monastery were the first who bred the breed. It is said that the Irish wolfhound was part of the development of the bouvier des Flandres.

Appearance, grooming and health
The bouvier’s compact body, with muscular legs and strong bones, gives the dog a powerful expression without appearing clumsy. The coat is dense and thick. The outer coat and the dense inner coat provide protection against the elements. The feel of the coat must be coarse, dry, dull, and slightly tousled without being curly or wool like.

The bouvier has beard like hair on the cheeks, which provides the dog with a harsh expression. The coat colour is usually brindle, grey, or fawn. It requires a lot of grooming consisting of brushing once a week and cutting or trimming regularly.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Relatively large dog with a longhaired coat. Dirt and water will stick to the coat
  • Needs early socialisation. Otherwise, it may turn suspicious and protective towards strangers
  • Highly intelligent suitable for agility and obedience
  • Appear rough and dangerous to others
  • Requires a lot of grooming

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