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Curly Coated Retriever

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Curly coated retriever is the largest of all retriever breeds. As opposed to other retrievers the curly coated retriever has a curly coat covering its entire body with the exception of the legs and the face. It is an active breed, which requires a lot of exercise. At the same time it enjoys spending time with its owners and makes a perfect family dog.

Character and behaviour
The curly coated retriever is a hunting dog that is easy to socialize with. It is a friendly and loyal family dog. It loves to spend time with its owners. In some cases the dog may be reserved towards strangers. It is essential to obedience train while it is still a puppy. In that way, the dog will become suitable for both agility and hunt.

The curly coated retriever is a loving dog and caring towards children. And the more exercise provided the calmer it is when being inside. In addition, the curly coated retriever is an excellent watchdog. It will without hesitation defend its owners and territory.

History of the breed
The curly coated retriever is one of the oldest retriever breeds and can be dated back to 1860. It is unclear exactly which breeds have been crossed. It is thought that English water spaniel and curly coated English Water dog are the ancestors. Furthermore, it is possible that Irish water spaniel, poodle, Labrador retriever, barbet, and large St. John’s dog have been included.

The curly coated retriever was used for bird hunting and makes an excellent retriever. This breed became especially popular because of its strength and endurance. Even in cold waters the curly coated retriever was an effective retriever.

Appearance, grooming and health
The curly coated retriever is easily recognised with its dense curly coat. The shape of the dog resembles a Labrador retriever with its wedge shaped head. The ears are small and hanging down. The tail is long and often carried upright. The eyes are large, oval, and dark.

The curly coated retriever is 25-27 inches tall and weighs 65-80 pounds.

The coat is single layered and does not shed much. The coat contains natural oils and is water resistant. In order to avoid frizzyness brushing the dog should be avoided. However, in shedding periods it is all right to brush the dog.

It might even be necessary to cut the coat. The curly coated retriever may be inclined to suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy, or eye problems. Life expectancy is 8-12 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A loving and loyal dog
  • Can be reserved towards strangers
  • Requires a lot of exercise
  • Good with children
  • Not suitable for apartment living
  • Good hunting dog

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