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Danish Broholmer

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The Danish Broholmer is a large breed, which descends from the Mastiff. It is a very old breed and it has been on the brink of extinction several times. The Danish Broholmer is a calm and good-natured dog with a good temperament. It is watchful, but never aggressive and it is very suitable as a family dog.

Character and behaviour
The Danish Broholmer is a solid and nerve strong dog, which does not let you push it over. As a guard dog it is self-willed, self-confident, and unbribable loyal towards its owners.

At the same time as being watchful the Danish Broholmer is a family dog, which appreciates time together with its family. In addition, it is not suitable for dog runs or long days home alone. It enjoys trips in the woods even though the level of exercise is limited.

History of the breed
The Danish Broholmer’s remarkable history stretches far back in time. It was originally called ‘the old Danish dog’ and it can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages. In 1850 the breed was on the brink of extinction when the royal gamekeeper Sehested from Broholm castle decided to try and safe the breed. He succeeded and the breed was named after the castle and was called ‘Broholm’s dog’.

However, the breed experienced an almost extinction again, but in 1974 a rescue operation was launched. A full reconstruction of the breed was succeeded and today the breed is relatively common.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Danish Broholmer is a large, rectangular, and sturdy dog with calm movements. The head is large and wide and it has loose dewlap around the neck. It has powerful and muscular legs, which can promote a firm take-off. The tail is carried hanging down.

The Danish Broholmer is 22-30 inches and weighs 87-176 pounds.

The Danish Broholmer’s yellowish brown coat is short and smooth and has a severe undercoat. In addition, white markings on chest, paws, and tail may occur.

The coat is easy to care using a damp cloth and occasional brushing when it sheds.

If you purchase a Danish Broholmer you need to be prepared to take an active share in the breeding cooperation.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Refuses to cooperate if you apply violent behaviour, compulsion, or yelling.
  • Easy to train.
  • Avoid stairs and long walks and jumps while it is a puppy.
  • Acts calmly indoor.
  • Protective and patient with children.
  • Functions well with other pets as long as they have been made familiar when they were puppies.
  • Membership of the Danish Broholmer Society is required.


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