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English Pointer

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The Pointer (also known as English Pointer) is a medium-sized gundog that also makes a friendly and affectionate family dog. The Pointer needs a lot of exercise every day and is very happy when doing its job as a gundog. The Pointer is an intelligent dog that is easy to train and excels at any given task.

Character and behavior
The Pointer is a great hunting dog that can cover large areas and help the hunter raise prey. The Pointer is bred to have a high energy level and needs a lot of exercise to be a calm and balanced dog. The Pointer’s endurance is remarkable and it needs a very active family.

The Pointer is an intelligent and adaptable dog that is good with children and other pets. The Pointer will alert its owner of any threat by barking but is not a typical guard dog. If you don’t socialize your Pointer as a puppy it can become reserved towards strangers.

History of the breed
The Pointer is an old English dog breed that can be traced back to the Seventeenth century. The dog breed has elements of the old Spanish and Italian Pointers that were brought to England.

It’s unknown exactly what dog breeds went into the creation of the English Pointer but many believes that the Greyhound, Foxhound, Bloodhound and Bull Terrier may have played a role. All of these breeds had traits that were positive to breed into a new gundog. The Pointer is today primarily used for hunting fowl.

Appearance, grooming and health
A Pointer is an athletic and graceful dog at the same time. It is also a powerful gundog. The eyes are brown and the ears hangs on the head. The tail is long and hanging and the legs are straight. The coat is white with black or brown markings.

The Pointer is usually between 23-28 inches high and weighs 45-75 lbs. The coat is smooth and short and only requires minimal grooming. The Pointer has an average life span of 12-14 years.

What you should know about the Pointer dog breed:

  • An excellent gundog
  • Requires a lof exercise to thrive
  • Good with children
  • Is not a good choice for apartment living
  • Is calm indoors if exercised enough
  • Enjoys performing any task
  • Easy to train and intelligent dog breed

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