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Greenland Dog

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The Greenland dog is an independent and robust breed, which in Greenland mainly is used as a sledge dog. It is good tempered and is loyal towards its owner. It is most comfortable when it is in a pack of dogs. The Greenland dog is closely related to the wolf and it is only the fear of the whip that makes it obey. In addition, it howls just like the wolf does. In eastern Greenland it is illegal to import other kinds of dogs.

Character and behaviour
The Greenland dog is not a typical family dog. It requires a lot of exercise and training. Thus, making it most suitable for outdoor families that are very active. Lying down all day long does not satisfy the Greenland dog.

They are friendly towards people and do not have it in their genes to protect the owner. So, if it is a guard dog you are looking for the Greenland dog is not the best choice.

The Greenland dog is difficult to train due to their self-dependence. It is important that the owner displays leadership towards the dog. It is an extremely enduring breed, which stands hunger in longer periods of time and handles extreme weather conditions.

History of the breed
The Greenland dog is an old breed, which is said to originate from Russia sometime in the Stone Age. People who immigrated to Greenland from the northern part of Canada brought the Greenland dog with them. Today, the breed is mainly found in Greenland and considered a rare breed.

They have throughout their existence been used as work dogs, draught dog and to some extent hunting dogs. The Greenlandic sealers have trained the dogs to track polar bears and to find seal holes in the ice and seal hibernation under the ice.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Greenland dog is a spitz-dog, with a dense coat, rolled up tail, and erect ears. The head is wedge shaped and robust. The jaw is strong. The eyes are slightly angled. The tail is long, rolled up, and bushy and used for covering the face when sleeping outside.

The Greenland dog is 22-25 inches and weighs 66-70 pounds.

The dense coat requires a brush through now and then. Besides, it is a very healthy breed. Life expectancy is 13 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Requires a lot of exercise.
  • Not suitable for living in an apartment.
  • Most comfortable in the company of other dogs.
  • Not suitable as a guard dog.
  • A rare breed.

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