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Jack Russell Terrier

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The Jack Russell terrier derives from England where it primarily was bred for fox hunt. A priest named John (Jack) Russell from Dartmouth is considered the founder of the breed. The Jack Russell terrier is bred to be quick, persistent, powerful, flexible, and agile.

The coat is mainly white with brown or/and black markings. The Jack Russell terrier is typically between 10-15 inches tall and weighs 14-18 pounds.

Character and behaviour
The Jack Russell terrier is an active breed, which is suitable for agility and other physically demanding activities. This breed can be stubborn and has distinct hunting instincts that can be a danger to other pets if the dog has not been properly socialized while being a puppy.

The Jack Russell terrier needs a lot of exercise despite of its size and it is therefore not the ideal lapdog. The Jack Russell terrier is so to speak a large dog in a small dog’s body.

History of the breed
The priest John Russell was born in 1795. When he grew up he became a committed hunter and bought a small white and brown female terrier ‘Trump’ from the milkman. He bought Trump because he liked her appearance. Trump became the foundation of John’s breeding program with a view to breeding a terrier with great stamina and courage and build to follow the fox under ground.

Due to financial problems, John Russell had to sell all of his breeding dogs and when he died in 1883 he only had four old terriers left. Other breeders have further developed the breed afterwards.

Famous Jack Russell Terriers
In 2007 the Jack Russell terrier ‘George’ saved five children from getting attacked by two unrestrained pit bull terriers in New Zealand. The children were playing with George when the two aggressive dogs came running towards the children. George intervened in order to save the children but was so knocked about that he had to be put down subsequently (so were the two pit bull terriers). George received a medal for his heroic deed posthumous.

Moreover, the Jack Russell terrier has performed in an array of TV-series, books, film, and art. Some of the best-known figures are ‘Eddie’ from Frasier and ‘Milo’ from The Mask with Jim Carrey.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Small and robust with a natural appearance
  • Very alert but also social and accommodating towards strangers
  • Energetic, strong minded, athletic, and intense
  • Relatively easily trained compared to other terriers
  • Requires a lot of exercise
  • Distinct hunting instincts
  • Stubborn and likes to dig holes in the garden
  • Sheds quite a bit and requires regular brushing

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