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Japanese Spitz

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Japanese spitz is a small and very playful dog. In addition, it is a suitable guard dog given that it is alert and barks whenever it finds it necessary. It is an intelligent breed, which is suitable for obedience training. A Japanese spitz can live in an apartment if it gets daily walks.

Character and behaviour
The Japanese spitz is a brave and lively dog, which loves to be outside in all kinds of weather. It is always accommodating towards people, also strangers and children. Besides, it is an independent and self-confident dog that can easily manage to be home alone during the day. It is a good family dog, which especially loves children.

The Japanese spitz is calm and rarely looses its temper. Furthermore, the hunting instinct is very subdued, which means it will not run off even though it is not on a lead. The Japanese spitz rarely walks far away from its owner when it is outside.

History of the breed
The Japanese spitz comes from Japan. However, it is uncertain which breeds helped develop the Japanese spitz. It is said that it derives from the German spitz dog and the Samoyed dog that were brought to Japan in the 20th century. Today, the breed is also very popular in Europe and the USA.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Japanese spitz is a small dog with snow-white coat and rolled up tail. The muzzle is pointed and the triangular ears are erect. The almond shaped eyes are dark. The head is medium-sized and wedge-shaped.

The Japanese spitz is 12-15 inches and weighs 11-20 pounds.

The coat is snow-white and water and dirt resistant. It is short on the legs and on the head. On the body and tail it is of medium length. Grooming consists of regular thorough brushings. Only bath the dog when it is absolutely necessary. Generally speaking it is a healthy breed, which is expected to live 10-12 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • An intelligent and playful dog
  • .

  • Does not require a lot of exercise.
  • Suitable to live in an apartment.
  • Good with children.
  • An excellent guard dog.

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