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Landseer is a large dog breed that derives from New Foundland. A Landseer is not a black and white variant of the New Foundland dog breed. It is an independent breed. The Landseer is named after the British painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. In 1838 he painted ‘A distinguished Member of the Humane Society’ that depicts a dog looking like the Landseer.

Character and behaviour
The Landseer is given the nickname ‘The gentle giant’ due to its gentle, calm, and friendly temper. For that reason the Landseer is a good family dog given that it is also patient and gentle toward children.

A Landseer has no hunting instincts, which means it does not tend to stray as other hunting dogs do. In addition, the Landseer easily gets accustomed to other pets such as cats.

A Landseer is not a watchdog and usually only barks loudly of strangers. However, most people will not feel comfortable in entering a room with a loudly barking Landseer that they do not know. It appears rather intimidating.

A Landseer is social, easily trained, obliging, and ready to help. This breed becomes friends with everybody and has no urge to fight other animals.

Even though a Landseer does not require a lot of exercise, it is actually more active than similar large breeds, e.g. Grand Danois.

Appearance, grooming and health

A Landseer is a very large dog with a black and white coat. It is closely related to the Newfoundland breed. The coat requires minimal grooming. Only brushing it every other week is sufficient. In periods of heavy shedding it is necessary to brush more often.

Landseer weighs 100-150 pounds and is app. 26 -31 inches tall. Thus making it a really large breed. Average life expectancy is 12 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A very large breed.
  • Gentle, loving, social, and loves to cuddle.
  • Known as ‘the gentle giant’ and is a good family dog, which is both gentle and patient with children.
  • Barks at strangers but not a traditional watchdog.
  • Gets along well with other animals.
  • Does not tend to stray given that is has no hunting instincts.
  • Requires minimal grooming. Sheds moderately.

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