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The Schnauzer is the medium sized dog in the Schnauzer family of dogs. The Schnauzer is also the oldest of the three Schnauzer dog breeds. The Schnauzer is a lively and energetic dog that fits right in with the active family. The Schnauzer can be calm and relaxed inside as long as it gets enough daily exercise. The Schnauzer originates in Germany where it was a common sight on farms.

Character and behavior
The Schnauzer is an active and friendly family dog that is good with children if socialized early on as a puppy. The Schnauzer has a protective instinct and will alert its family of any potential threats by barking. The Schnauzer is a also a good guard dog that will attack to protect its family.

The Schnauzer is an intelligent dog breed and is easy to train. A Schnauzer can become dominant and stubborn if not trained properly. It’s an energetic dog breed with a working dog background and the Schnauzer therefore needs a good deal of exercise to stay happy and balanced.

History of the breed
The Schnauzer is the oldest of the three Schnauzer dog breeds: Riesenschnauzer (Giant Schnauzer), Schnauzer and Miniature (Toy) Schnauzer. The Schnauzer was originally bred in Germany where it found use as a farm dog and guard dog.

It is unknown exactly what dog breeds went into the creation of the Schnauzer but many believe that the Poodle is part of it. The Schnauzer is seen in many paintings among others by Rembrandt.

Appearance, grooming and health
Schnauzers are known for their distinctive beards and long, feathery eyebrows. The ears are v-shaped and erect and the eyes are oval and dark. The back arches slightly down and the tail is of medium length.

The Schnauzer typically has a height of 17-20 inches and weighs 30-45 pounds. The wiry coat is easy to keep, but the undercoat is dense and it will become matted unless it is combed or brushed daily with a short wire brush. The coat comes in black or pepper and salt (the hair strand shifts from black to white to black again).

The coat is short on the dog’s back, head and ears. Eyebrows, beard and legs have a longer coat. Be prepared to groom your Schnauzer weekly and trim its coat two to three times a year. The Schnauzer is generally a healthy breed with an average life span of 15 or more years.

What you should know about the Samoyed dog breed:

  • The Schnauzer is an energetic, playful and active dog breed
  • Can be stubborn and independent
  • Is a good family dog that gets along well with children
  • Can live in an apartment if exercised enough outside on a daily basis
  • Needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy
  • Is an intelligent dog breed

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