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Small Munsterlander

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The small munsterlander is a German hunting dog, which can be dated back to the 1500s. Today, it is still used as a hunting dog – especially bird hunting. It is an intelligent dog, which enjoys the cooperation with the hunter. At the same time it makes an excellent family dog.

Character and behaviour
The Small munsterlander is a friendly and intelligent hunting dog, which also functions well as a family dog. However, it needs to be an active family given that this breeds requires a lot of exercise. Through a consequent, determined and gentle training you will get a well-trained and self-confident dog.

It is a social dog that requires daily walks and training. It likes to cooperate and is comfortable in the company of its family and other dogs as well. The small munsterlander is not very watchful, but does bark when strangers approach the house. Despite of its high energy level it is calm indoor as long as it has had plenty of exercise.

History of the breed
The small munsterlander comes from Germany. It is not directly related to the large munsterlander, but to the small chicken dogs from the Münster region in the northern part of Germany. At the end of the 19th century the breed was on the brink of extinction, but a persistent breeding strategy saved the breed. An all-round hunting dog that knew how to retrieve, point, and track, was developed. And that is the small munsterlander, which we know today.

Appearance, grooming and health
The small munsterlander is a small hunting dog with a friendly expression. The head is slightly domed and the muzzle is long. The eyes are medium-sized and dark brown. The ears are wide, set high, and hanging down. The longhaired tail is set high and carried horizontally when the dog is moving.

The small munsterlander is 18-20 inches and weighs around 45 pounds.

The coat is medium long and slightly wavy. At the same time it is smooth and dense and requires regular brushing. By brushing it twice a week the dog hardly sheds. A small munsterlander is brown/white or white with brown speckles. Generally speaking a healthy breed.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A friendly and intelligent breed.
  • Excellent all-round hunting dgg.
  • .

  • Fantastic family dog with an active family.
  • Not suitable to live in an apartment.

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