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Vizsla (Magyar Vizsla in Hungarian) means Hungarian pointer. The Vizsla is a medium sized hunting dog with an agile and elegant appearance. The coat is golden and may be either shorthaired or wirehaired. The Vizsla is an excellent family dog and family dog.

Character and behaviour
The Vizsla is a loving and intelligent dog with a lively temperament. This breed really wants to please its owner and cannot take brutish handling. The Vizsla is easily trained. It thrives on hunt but also feels good in its owner’s house. A Vizsla is a social dog that loves to be with its family. The Vizsla’s remarkable capability of adjusting is considered common knowledge. The Vizsla does not mind jumping in the lake when it has to retrieve. It has an excellent sense of smell.

History of the breed
The origin of the Vizsla is different from other continental chicken dogs. Most other chicken dogs derive from the Spanish breed called Bracco but the Hungarian Vizsla derives from old Asian breeds. Documents from the 14th century actually describe the ‘yellow hunting dog’ from Hungary.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Vizsla breed is available in a shorthaired and wirehaired variant. The wirehaired is slightly more robust than the shorthaired. A Vizsla is athletic and developed for hunting thus requiring a lot of exercise in order to stay happy and well balanced. The coat colour is golden or rust-coloured.

The Vizsla is 22-26 inches tall and weighs 45-60 pounds.

What you should know about the breed

  • High level of energy and requires a lot of exercise
  • Does not like to be alone without its family
  • Outgoing and social
  • Good with children and other animals
  • Easily trained and an excellent hunting dog
  • Two different variants exist: shorthaired and wirehaired

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