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After much research I am amazed at the abundant and unique variety of real dolls manufactured today. There are many kinds of modern dolls available; fashion dolls, character dolls, toddler dolls, and sex dolls. The focus of this article is to take a look at the dolls manufactured by EsDoll doll companies to compare what is offered, and to analyze how the meaning of “realistic” in the creation of realistic sex dolls.
The sex doll companies researched was ESDOLL. A review of the dolls reveals many varieties of dolls. It also reveals more than one interpretation of “realism.” Realistic dolls made to appeal to adult are uniquely different from Realistic sex dolls made to appeal to adults.
All of the modern doll companies researched manufacture dolls for adult’s play, except one. EsDoll dolls appear to be essentially designed as collector dolls for adults. The dolls made by the other contemporary doll companies appear to have the same general characteristics. For a adult, “real” is more than how the doll looks. How the doll can be related to, and how it appeals to other senses is important. How the doll feels to the touch is very important, as is the right size. It is essential that the doll is soft and sexy, especially the dolls designated for 18+.

What is interpreted as real sex doll for men, however, isn’t the same as what is interpreted as realistic for adults. Collectible sex dolls made by EsDoll Doll have the look and feel of a real sex, as well as representing a real sex’s size.
The search for buying a adult’s realistic sex doll involves two very important considerations. First and foremost, is the doll sturdy enough to withstand adult’s play? Equally important, is it age appropriate to meet the adult’s needs.
When choosing a realistic sex doll for an adult, the purpose of the doll needs to be considered. If the purpose is to own a special doll to love, it may be easier to have the doll purchased for you, so that it can be as much of a surprise as owning a real sex. On the other hand, if the purpose is to add another special doll to a collection, it may also be important to consider the size of the edition collection. If you want your sex to be very special, you may want to choose a doll that has a limited edition size. Whereas EsDoll dolls are edition dolls which are realistic except for size, the collections aren’t limited. In comparison, EsDoll Doll Collectible Artist Series dolls are extremely limited – often under 1,000 pieces. Learn more about sex dolls :

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