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You went just went ahead and made a great investment on a silicon sex doll. It is a great investment by a lot of means and you have definitely started out well. Now it is time to make your experience even more lifelike and below are some tips and tricks in order to make that happen.
1.Lingerie and Clothing
This might be the most obvious tip in the entire article, but it goes without saying that if you want to make your silicon sex doll more lifelike you need to go out and do some shopping for her. Dressing and undressing your doll will help you form an intimate relationship with her and this will definitely help you in the longer run. When you go out shopping for your doll, make sure you choose a variety of lingerie and clothing. This will help you fulfil a lot of your desires and fantasies with her. A popular outfit choice among customers is the school girl outfit.
2.Make up
A great man once said that every looks incomplete without proper makeup and hair styling. The same goes for your doll. Purchase some make up equipment for her and watch videos online to get a sense of how to do make up properly. Doing her hair every day and putting make up on her before very love making session will help you develop a companionship with your doll and thus make the relationship between both of you stronger with the passing days.
3.Warm her up
One of the main differences between making out with an actual woman and a sex doll is her body temperature. While the body temperature of a woman and especially her vagina is automatically controlled by her brain, this is not the case with your sex doll. Therefore you need to take extra effort in order to get this done.
Some users have reported that by using Luke warm water, you can easily raise the body temperature of your sex doll. By warming up her body before a love making session, the pleasure will be heightened by several extents and will help you reach climax in a longer time thus making the love making session prolonged.
If you don’t plan on using warm water, there are specific heating inserts you can buy in order to heat up your doll. These are easily available online.

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