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So you have decided to use coupons to save money, and you took a lot out … The problem is how to organize all these places, and strips of paper and cardboard, put chuck

e cheese coupons ? How do you know when it is updated, or just go with a certain store? throw everything into a large envelope, can quickly become a disaster if you do not have a good system. What you need is to get into a trap!

To organize our coupons, we chose to use the method “binder”. I’ve used other systems such as “portfolio as” coupon organizer, but finding linking very useful not only for my coupons, but to organize my other items as I will discuss later in this article.

Coupon binder that I use is a “zip” binder that you can find at Walmart. We recommend “zip-up” simply because it keeps all the coupons for them! I learned this from experience the hard way! If you accidentally spilled glue tip and is not archived … coupons will fall! I almost want to cry when it happens (and it happens only once, then you’ll remember me It takes so long to organize them in a split second all the time and organization … gone!

I bought these binders when they go on sale / liquidation. The best time to buy is during the “school supplies sale” or after school and began clearing all workbooks, paper, etc. I paid $ 7 for my workbook. Then I filled the pages, holder transparent plastic card. they are the same type of pages you want to use to collect baseball cards. You can find them at any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael or local hobby shop. If you buy from one of these places, do not forget to cut the coupon from the Sunday paper (usually have a coupon of 40%).

I bought new pages pocket that comes in a total of 30 pages. That’s 270 bags you use to store all the coupons! They retail for about $ 7 and 40% off coupon to bring it to $ 4.50 including taxes.

Once you have purchased your workbook and pocket pages you are ready to organize coupons! I saw a number of ways to use your workbook. If you prefer, you can simply insert a coupon in each pocket. This is for those who do not want to have to “remember” all the coupons that are on the page. You can just “Browse” and find what you are looking for. You will need several pages to do as well as a binder that can hold a large amount of pages. You should probably at least a “binder 1.5-2 or prolonged, which is my favorite.

Now you coupons, binder and pages … And now? You need labels! In fact, I went to my shop and I wrote all categories in each lane. In this way, my shopping becomes easier and faster because my coupons by categories aisles we shop some more. Then I went and printed on adhesive labels these categories I have attached at the bottom of each page of your pocket.


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