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Some history about sexy doll. Initially, it was the sailors who used old clothes and rags to make love, called “the lady who travels.” Then in the 1940s, Hitler would imitate the latex of the German woman’s prototype, so that German soldiers would not go to see prostitutes and get sick. These dolls are very compact and can be placed in a soldier’s backpack. However, they have not achieved much success and they believe that accepting them is ridiculous, especially in the case of being captured.

The first dolls were made of vinyl. Then they are quite ugly, and only the elements that represent the artificial vagina make sense. New materials such as latex and silicone now make dolls more realistic than nature. The face is quite successful and the eyes are full of expressions.

The advantages of sex TPE dolls. Of course, adult dolls provide a small touch that we really like, we are women. I mean small gifts, compliments, gentle gestures, foreplay. A gentleman with a doll can afford all the quirks he loves. For example, riding a doll disguised as a cowboy, singing an imaginary lasso while singing Patrick Sebastian’s “spinning towel.”

big butt sexy love doll

Dolls can also be used to make jokes. Putting the doll in front of your door, or letting the girl sit on the throne of the bathroom, surprises the neighbors, which is more interesting than scaring the neighbors. In this report, the Belgians explained that a true sex doll can act as a scarecrow: Seeking a professional company looking for a formula that can extend the fear effect. They suggested that I apply Tabasco powder on the doll. Its disgusting odor and its spicy spicy ingredients act as insect repellents. In the past few years, my fruit has not experienced any degradation, and too much fruit.

What are the disadvantages of silicone love dolls? Unfortunately, the doll can’t improvise under the hot shower, there are good reasons for it to melt and be happy. Its seams and seams are often tight, and it is not immune to scratches and cracks if there is no puncture repair kit normally provided by the doll.
Once the small business is completed, the doll must be polished. Any openings should be cleaned with a suitable sex toy or soapy water.

Love dolls can not only alleviate the lack of sexual desire, but also alleviate the lack of emotion. She can be a sweet companion, lying in bed. Lifelike sex dolls no longer say. In order to let her mouth open all night, she is not like the morning bad breath of Bobonne. Some dolls can make love according to the needs of gentlemen. For larger breasts, the thighs and buttocks should be massaged. Conversely, the big moles should be ground to reduce the breasts.

All in all, if the reality of silicone love doll sex is … how to say it… In the joke, it is still fragile. Lack of maintenance, neglect or even repeated abuse will quickly bring him to the sidewalk, which is a very sad ending! Understandably, harmony has all the assets that become a sexual partner. In addition, a new generation of sex toys can hear and maintain dialogue. If the robot’s face doesn’t please you, you can use the connected system to change it to your liking. For the motor function, still need a little more patience to arm.

Then, Sean really changed the room to Julia, completely hate to see what Sean became. Moreover, the latter is a futile restriction that is futile. One can also see some kind of revenge against Christian, who is almost proud to announce that it is Kim Boe to avenge Christian. We even gave the impression that it arrived at Christian, a boy who played with no emotions, or almost nothing. Masturbation dolls began to play a key role.

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