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For manufacturers, I am also very grateful for their thoughts on the male world. I am very happy that I have her. At first he wanted to sell the real dolls again, but then returned and brought them back. I told her at the time that it was stupid for me to send her away. I am very happy that I can bring her back.

The entrepreneur said that although Clay has been working in the company for many years and has experienced many unusual situations with clients, he always has his own experience. For example, in some cases, mother and daughter have ordered a male real doll and want to share it with others. After giving birth, he was asked to provide coffee and cake, and asked to immediately open the doll’s packaging and sit at the table. In some cases it is difficult to stay serious. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the humanity of the doll. For some people, this is really a complete relationship replacement, they like these real dolls.

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Even in the scientific world, people are already busy with the topic of sexual robots, which can bring benefits to people like this, but it also brings risks and disadvantages. Proponents believe that the most important thing is that they will enable those people to live a previously blank sex life. The experts also discussed the views of alternative prostitution described.

Even elderly or disabled people can benefit. In July of this year, a detailed study of the responsible Robotics Foundation responsible for the opportunities and risks of smart silicone sex dolls was conducted. First, warn children about sex robots, or you can use robots to over-rape fantasy.

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The obstacle to overcome in order to become a topic of the public will be the acceptance of sexual robots. Sexual dolls are still taboo, which is why you don’t want to reveal your identity. In his private and professional environment, most people don’t know that he lives with real dolls. For me, only two people know this. If I pick up a new doll, it can only be at night. There are also platforms for posting photos. I like to watch it because I have some thoughts on how people put on real dolls and how to make up.

The way a all sex dolls is handled depends of course on the type. It’s totally different, how open people are, some people are very crowded, and some people have no problem at all, Klee said when talking about customers. Klee said that some people are very afraid of being driven out so that they can only call him anonymously and pay only in cash. On the other hand, some people are open to this and everyone knows this. In general, entrepreneurs have noticed that society is accepting it more and more. Not an age issue. Clay said that of course there are also young people who have questions about this topic. For example, in Germany, this observation can be confirmed by research. In Germany, one-third of Germans are willing to have sex with robots.

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