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Sex dolls are more like toys or games

“I want to put the camera on her like the iPhone, so she can identify whether she is indoors or outdoors, and can identify herself rather than someone she has never seen before. She can see and recognize people and They assigned names and recalled information about them, so she can say: How does Bob work at the construction site? “Fifty years later, with the development of technology, if Japanese sex doll robots are as popular as porn, I also Not surprised. ”

Seeing that the relationship of ten or decades has become obsolete does not mean that love has broken down. This is regrettable, which means that there is a illusion that needs to be fed. The robot is controlled by the app.

Angus Walker of ITV News at the Sexbots seminar with Dr. Santos, a sexual technical engineer, said he was creating the first sexual robot with artificial intelligence. But April is not his wife, she is not an extra marriage.

The story is released in a new Channel 4 documentary, including a British man who spends most of his life with his wife, but every summer he goes to an apartment in southern France where he is addicted For a TPE sex doll.

He said: “If a man can indulge, his wife’s future will be safer.” Instead of using technology Chloe to use photography life. He said: “I know that I can get a series of photos and get her story in my daily life.

She is 153 cm tall, head “36″, one of three chest silicone dolls, each costing £2,000 for James to share his life and body – even taking them to a ‘dating’. I am not a beautiful woman, these things are very beautiful, I think I am not good enough.

Then I realized that it would not affect our relationship. I can see why it makes women feel objective, but when you play with them, you will find them more like toys or games than dolls as substitutes.

Now he is saving for a £8,000 robotic doll, he can smile, talk to him and who will respond to his sexuality. When I brought out April, we usually stopped to take a bite to eat a burger, but many people didn’t even notice that she was not a breathing person.

He thinks it is possible to establish a meaningful relationship with the doll: “If it makes you feel, then I think this relationship is real. I think, just like people with gay marriage and transgenderism, these things will Look at this phenomenon in the same way, and say if this makes this guy happy, then I should judge who.

He wants to create the first mass market sex robot. We usually do sex two or three times a week, sometimes four nights a week. It’s really like having sex with a real woman. The biggest difference is where you want, you have to put them in because they won’t get there. have.

In the new era of robotics, this is a dawn, “The sound ends.” The numbers have just become physical. The show details the evolution of the real sex doll robot. She makes my eyes no longer embarrassing because there is a doll saying that I am not interested in participating in other women to accept my wife.

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