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The love, companionship, and loyalty a dog provides are excellent attributes that make them one of human’s best friends. But did you know that dogs have much more to offer than meets the eye? If you think you know a lot about dogs, think again. There are many interesting facts about dogs you may have not heard about and you can get them on

Smelling Power

Dogs can smell your emotions.  Dogs are capable of smelling 100,000 times better than humans. Thus, the ability to smell things such as fear shouldn’t come as a surprise. A dog is easily able to tell when a human is scared by their perspiration, which changes when they are stressed.

Smart Animals

Dogs Ability

Their ability to tell the difference between five minutes and an hour has been proven. It is possible to predict future events, such as walking times, if it has been trained to do so. Dogs are such smart animals that can be conditioned to follow a certain process, so if you put them through the appropriate training, they can achieve your desired result.


Did you know that your dog is as smart as a 2-year-old? No wonder children within that age seem to have a special bond with their family dog? The reason could be that they speak the same language, about 250 words and gestures in total.

Interesting titbits about the dog you didn’t know

You might think your dog only saw shades of grey, black, and white but you’re mistaken. The nerve cells in the eyes can be divided into two categories: ocular rods and ocular cones. Unlike rods, which detect light, cones perceive colour. People have a much greater number of colour-sensing cones than dogs, whose eyes contain only about 1/9th to 1/12th of these cones.

Our eyes can see the full-colour spectrum, but dogs especially puppies are only able to see three shades such as blue, violet, and yellow. All shades of red or green appear to be shades of grey. Nevertheless, there is a trade-off. Despite having fewer cones than humans, dogs’ eyes contain almost triple the rods – meaning they can sense motion more clearly and see much better in low light than humans do.

Your dog can perceive

When you have affection for another dog. According to one study, your dog can be jealous when you display affection for another animal. These are just a few pieces of information about dogs that we offer on our site.

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